I made this blogg so that more people can find out what a wonderful thing it is to crochet amigurumis. Many patterns out on the internet have huge restrictions or you have to pay for them, even the most easiest ones. Therefore ebbashandiwork was made for you to find patterns that are free, you are allowed to sell the product made by your own hands, but not the pattern itself. All I want in return is that you link to my blogg when you sell the product.

Note that all terminology is American since most visitors on the blogg is from there.

You might think it's odd that I'm writing in English when I'm from Sweden but the reason is that most patterns out there is in English, I'll try to write them in Swedish as well.

Jag skapade denna bloggen för att folk ska kunna testa på hur fantastiskt det är att virka amigrurumis. Många mönster ute på nätet är begränsade eller så måste du betala för dom, även de mest fundamentala. Därför gjorde jag denna bloggen där du finner mönster som du får sälja produkten du gör (med dina egna händer), men inte själva mönstret. Allt jag vill ha i gengäld är att du länkar till min blogg när du säljer produkten.

onsdag 9 april 2014

Easter egg cover

1.       8 chain stitch ch, slip stitch (sl st) in the first chain smygmaska i den första luftmaskan
2.       12 single crochet (sc)
3.       2i1 24 hdc
4.       5 ch, sl st in fourth hdc. Do this six times.
5.       1dc, 2 hdc, 3 dc, 2hdc, 1dc. Make this in every chain.
6.       Slip stitch your way up to the second double crochet and make 8 chain stitches and connect with a slip stich in the middle double crochet on the next segment.
7.       12 sc in each of the six chains.
8.       Slip stich to the fourth sc, 3 chain stitch (represents 1 hdc) and 4 hdc in the same sc, skip four sc and crochet 5 hdc in the fifth sc. Repeat this in every bow.
9.       Chrochet  one dc in every previous hdc and chrochet them together, 5 chain stitches. Repeat this al way round.
10.   5 sc around the chain stitches and 1 sc in the top of the 5together double crochets.
11.   9 chain stitches (represents 1 tr and 5 chains) then1 tr in the same dc wait to crochet the last part until you do the tr in the top of the next crocheted together 5dc, then make 5 ch. Se pictures
12.   6 sc in the chains, 1 sc in the top of the tr. Repeat this al way round.
13.   Repet number 11
14.   Repet number 12
15.   4 chain stitches, 3 tr in the same sc.
16.   Make four dc and crochet them together, 3 chains and repeat this al way round.
17.   2 hdc in the top of the previous 4pair and 1 ch, repeat.
18.   1 hdc in between the two dc, repeat.













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